In summer 2016, marking 150 years since his birth, Harry Pearson and Dryades Theatre Group produced a short film based on one chapter of Richard Le Gallienne’s ‎The Quest of the Golden Girl, to showcase the concept of a film adaptation.

Our aim is to make a Pre-Raphaelite film; something that timelessly reflects human passion, that is attentive to nature and rich in symbolism, with all of the heart that Le Gallienne put into this work.‎ In Autumn 2016 the short was screened at Liverpool's Central Library at the first major exhibition on Le Gallienne.

The short cost approximately ‎£5000 to produce, showcasing Dryades Theatre Group's ability to bring together talent, understanding of this author and genre, as well as our ability tell a story in an equally poetic and entertaining way. These qualities make us the right team to bring Le Gallienne and his work to the screen.

We are now procuring funding for a feature film or series adaptation of The Quest of the Golden Girl; submitting the short to festivals, pitching to production companies and investors. The feature is a realistic ambition to produce on a small budget. We have the script, team and production plan ready to go, and are excited to continue working with talented and passionate visionaries to make a film adaptation of this wonderful work, for audiences to fall in love with again. 

Please contact me directly ifyou'd like to be part of the production of The Quest of the Golden Girl.

Harry Pearson
Director of Dryades Theatre Group‎