The Quest of the Golden Girl is an autobiographical fantasy written in I896 by the lost Romantic author and poet Richard Le Gallienne. Widely read in both England and America upon publication, it was Le Gallienne's most popular novel. It is now out of print and little known. 

The true (if slightly embellished) tale of The Quest of the Golden Girl begins in a wry, comedic fashion, as a jaded 30 year-old embarks on a whimsical jaunt through the English countryside in search of a wife. The story unfolds, however, into a truly poetic work; a painfully honest account of love and life after tragedy.

Given its character by Richards Le Gallienne's distinctive voice, the novel is a charming contradiction of poetic high romance and self-deprecating realism. Honest and flawed, empathetic, and always seeking life, to read this unusual, inspiring 'travel diary' is to be Le Gallienne on The Quest of the Golden Girl.

If you like Keats, Wilde, D.H. Lawrence, Tolkein, Pre-Raphaelite art, medievalism, English folklore or Arthurian legend, or if you like comedies like Withnail and I, Jeeves and Wooster or Three Men in a Boat, the film adaptations of classicsby Merchant and Ivory, if you're a cynical romantic or a romantic cynic, if you’re 30 and feel older than you did when you were 20, if you long for adventure or are searching for life, if you love, if you want to love, you will enjoy this book!

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